Half Square Triangle Paper Patterns

This block is full of HST's - as is the site background block!!

Garden Path Quilt Block Garden Path Block - by Dawn L. Stewart of Dawn's Quilting Clip Art who also designed the double saw tooth used as background on this site.

Because The half square triangle is the most common quilt block unit after plain squares. So a quick, easy, accurate method for constructing half square triangle units will really help the quilting process. On this page, you will find paper foundation patterns for a range of half square triangle unit sizes. For free patterns using these half square triangle paper patterns, visit the Free Pattern Page.

The patterns provided here are unique in their flexibility. In addition to making many units at once, with these patterns you can:

Either way, this pattern enables you to easily sew the number of half square triangle units you require. Best of all, the full range of sizes is at your fingertips anytime. You can print out only as many as you need, when you need them.

To use the pattern, place two fabrics right sides together and place the paper pattern on top. Just stitch on the diagonal dotted lines and cut on the grid and between the stitching. Tear away the paper and use your half square triangle units in the block of your choice.  Enjoy!

Printing the HST Patterns


Because accurate sizing on every printer cannot be guaranteed, be sure to measure the one inch reference square at the top of the page to ensure the accuracy of your pattern.

To print at the original pattern size, Acrobat's automatic scaling needs to be turned OFF. To accomplish this in Acrobat:

  • Click on File Print . . .
  • . . . then under Page Scaling select None

Click on the finished size you require to download the PDF pattern file. You require Adobe Acrobat Reader to print these patterns.

**Acrobat is available free from the Adobe website.

Sewing Tips:

When stitching through a paper pattern, I tighten my top tension. This way, the seam does not pull open once the paper is removed. Also, experiment with various sewing machine feet to see which one makes it easiest to sew along a printed line. My Bernina Denim foot does the best job of this - my Bernina 1/4 inch foot is good too.

For more information, check out the Paper Piecing Tips and Hints Page.

Paper to use:

I like to print these patterns on the lightest paper that my printer will handle. I cut newsprint to 8 1/2 by 11 for my printer. My favourite, though, found at a Dollar store, is "Manila Drawing Paper" -- 40 sheets for $1.00. This lightweight construction-type paper is crisp to use and tears off very easily with no tweezers required. Any small pieces that remain will fall apart if slightly dampened.

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