Free Quilt Patterns

Here are Quilting and Whatnot's currently available free patterns. The free patterns will change on a regular basis.

If you require more HST pages you can always download the size you need from the HST Pattern Page. My present plan is to continue to make the HST Patterns available at no cost for personal use as a service for any quilter.

Valentine Place Mat

Click for Valentine Placemat Pattern

(Free Pattern) by Jean Korte
Finished size: 15" x 22.5"

This Valentine Place Mat is easier than it looks! You can make one for each family member or just make one and use in the centre of your table.

A click on the picture takes you to the pattern.

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Bargello Baby Quilt

Click for Bargello Baby Quilt Pattern
Bargello Baby Quilt Pattern
(PDF File)

(free pattern) Designed by Jean Korte
35 in. by 55 in.

Here is an easy Bargello quilt shown in baby colours, though you could make an adult lap quilt by substituting different fabrics. This pattern is designed to make very efficient use of your 44 in. wide fabrics.

A click on the picture takes you to the pattern pdf file.

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